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ATTENTION: To receive print waste for treatment, it needs to be registered on the website of the Ministry of the Environment:   SILIAMB

To collect the empty cartridges (with recovery), you should contact us, mentioned:

  • Cartridge Reference and Quantities (Separating Original and Non-Original Cartridges)

We will send a value with the quote if it has been assigned.

Note: worthless cartridges - individual cartridges (4 different color cartridges) from color printers from: Brother, Epson Canon, Hp ...)

Treatment for non-returnable consumables (for slaughter only):

  • The service is free, only for customers who purchase goods from Tonerecicla.

(If you have bulk toner powder, it should be placed in sturdy bags and then boxed, separating them from other cartridges.)

If Tonerecicla collects (Price: 0,21 € / Kg), which includes: (If the withdrawal has to be done by carrier, add the value of the transport.)

  • Collect voids in properly sealed box..
  • If requested, we complete the E-GAR (Waste Tracking Guid
  • Treatment and routing of collected waste
  • Administrative and logistic services

If the customer makes the delivery on our premises (Price: 0.11 € / Kg), which includes:

  • Weight and Correction and Acceptance of E-GAR (Waste Tracking Guide)

(These values refer only to the treatment and / or forwarding of the waste, being the document management, transportation and packaging the responsibility of the Producer / Holder)

* VAT Included