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When regenerating the cartridges, we reuse a part of their components, replacing the deteriorated and worn parts, loading with new raw material. We have achieved a reduction in costs, which allows us to offer the same quality as a new cartridge, but below price.

We have been in Recycling since 2000, which allows us to guarantee the quality of service. Do not dispose of used cartridges in the garbage disposal, we carry out a collection and delivery service at no additional cost. By regenerating, it will be helping to improve the environment. Recycle and participate in the fight against pollution.

ToneRecicla is a company that provides specialized services for the regeneration of printers consumables (printer cartridges, faxes) and photocopier maintenance.

ToneRecicla has state-of-the-art technology designed to ensure an effective and quality product, enabling us to regenerate almost all toner cartridges (Laser printers) and ink cartridges (Inkjet printers). We work with the best international parts producers, which enables us to be always up to date and provide you with the best and most effective service.

Our service consists in the picking of empty cartridges, worn by your company, which will be tested, cleaning, replacing worn and deteriorated parts, refilling with new raw material (toner or ink). Being retested, sealed and perfectly packaged, valid for one year, and then delivered to your company in maximum 5 working days.

We have a particular quality control system that enables us to ensure that all cartridges delivered to customers pass the most diverse selection tests. The recovery of printer cartridges means savings for your company of around 50% of the current cost of original ink cartridges. Sometimes the duration may be additional, in the order of 5% to 50%.

In case of anomaly with our products, complaints are accepted, provided they are duly justified, and that the articles and packaging come in perfect condition. If the defect is our responsibility, ToneRecicla undertakes its immediate replacement, without any charge to your company.

ToneRecicla puts at your disposal the many advantages that our recycling of printers consumables provides.

1º - Lower prices, between 40% and 60%, in relation to the originals.

2º - Total guarantee in durability and print quality.

3rd - Collection and delivery at our charge (in the Coimbra area).

4º - Delivery of recycled materials within 5 working days after the pickup. If they are interested, ToneRecicla suggests storing the printers consumables after use for later pickup. Regardless of the acceptance or decline of our offer, ToneRecicla offers to collect your empty toner cartridges, ink cartridges or ribbons at no charge to your company.s vossos cartuchos de toners, tinteiros ou fitas vazios sem qualquer encargo para a vossa empresa.