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- We have been in existence since 2000 (begining date Activity 14-05-2000)

- We are waste managers authorized by the Portuguese Ministry of Environment. We recycle print cartridges,

  with Waste Management Operations License Permit No. 07/2017 / CCDRC

- We have a liability insurance of 25.000 € (which covers the damage that our cartridges can do to any printer)

- We have Environmental Liability Insurance (50.000.00 €)

- CAE: 38322 - Recovery of Non-Metallic Waste

Tonerecicla main area

- Recycling and Marketing of Consumables

- Consumables Marketing - Originals (OEM)

- Empty Cartridge Collection Service

- Marketing of inks and other products, inherent to the reuse of homemade cartridges.

We provide the following services:

- Printing Service

- New or used printing equipment for hire (the copy ) or direct sale

- we make impressions up to A3 WIDE black and color - Binding, with metal rings

- BUSINESS CARDS, letterheads, labels, invitations.

- Party posters (320mmx460mm)

- We repair printers, provide technical assistance to photocopiers and fax machines.

- We develop software; we have data network management and implementation of industrial automation systems

- We provide computer formation services to teaching and non-teaching staff; and informatic consultancy activities for formation entities

Ask for Budget PHONE: 239 494 389 EMAIL: tonereciclalda [at]