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  Terms and conditions

General Conditions of Technical Assistance Service

Equipment Delivery / Receiving
  • Whenever Tonerecicla receives equipment to repair, it confirms the accessories that come with it.
  • Reported damage may not be confirmed upon delivery
  • Whether in performing the repair, either in replacement, can be used components technically considered as new.
  • In the event of inkjet printer head failures, Tonerecicla can only verify such damage after disassembly of the equipment (Tonerecicla advises that in case of inkjet printer head failure, other irreparable errors may appear after disassembly. this type of intervention is the responsibility of the customer)
BUDGET RATE: 10,00 € (may vary by intervention)

Budgeted Articles
  • In cases of repair of equipment which over time, which over time, no longer covered by the Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, or whose malfunctions are not covered by the terms of that Warranty, but provided that the equipment meets the "general conditions" set forth herein, this Repair site will not issue a prior quote when the repair relates to malfunctions with a maximum repair value of 35 € excluding VAT.
  • In the case of repair of equipment which meets the conditions mentioned in the last point, but the repair value is higher, Tonerecicla will issue a budget for customer approval
  • Once issued and approved the budget may change if the malfunction is finally identified,since does not match the one initially detected. In such cases, the customer will be notified of initial budget changes and we will wait for their approval before repairing.
  • Tonerecicla reserves the right to request payment of part of the repair before proceeding with the intervention.
  • All budgets (including any changes) are valid for one week. If this deadline expires and the customer says nothing, the budget is deemed not to have been accepted by the customer.
  • Once the repair process is complete, or if there was no intervention in the equipment because the budget was not accepted or the repair proved impossible,  the lifting of the equipment is subject to the following conditions under "lifting the equipment"
  • Under no circumstances will the issuance of a budget be taken as a guarantee of the effective repair of the equipment, which in certain cases may prove to be impossible.
  • If the client requests, a formal budget may be issued, costing € 10.00.
Lifting the equipment
  • Equipment must be collected within 30 days after notification to the customer of the completion of the respective intervention, and amount to be charged (Tonerecicla will notify the customer personally "if the customer is in the store, or by voice call, message or preferably by email", the completion of the customer delivered equipment repair process, for the purpose in their timely withdrawal)
  • If there is any payment by the customer, it will be made at the time of lifting the equipment, object of repair
  • After this time, the customer will have an additional 30 days to pick up the equipment and pay the repair invoice,  getting still obligated to pay, for each day of this additional period, until the date of actual withdrawal, a penalty of € 1.00 up to a maximum of € 30.00
  • After 60 days from the first notification by the repairer, without the customer having lifted the equipment, and without communicating and proving the existence of force majeure reasons, the repairer is no longer responsible for any damage or even possible loss or loss of the equipment and further reserves the right to have the equipment delivered for repair as compensation for the costs inherent in the process which the customer expressly accepts, authorizes and qualifies as pro solvendo action
Repair Warranty

Tonerecicla provides a 60-day repair warranty on all repaired equipment, just for the following conditions: This warranty is provided by Tonerecicla, provided that the following commutative conditions are met:
  • The equipment was intervened less than 60 days ago
  • The counting of the previous point starts after the notification of completion of the repair.
  • Being the same entity providing the Technical Assistance service
  • Be the malfunction symptom presented by the recurrent equipment (the same malfunction)
  • Not being diagnosed in the Repair Center nothing that leads to the loss of Repair Warranty

The Customer accepts the charge by Tonerecicla, the amount previously reported for the service provided.